User contributions

Created and contributed by awesome Mechvibes users. Thank you all so much!

🍕 Update Feb 11, 2021

All submission sound packs will now be available as public, you can access newest packs in no time!

⚠️Before downloading please be aware ⚠️

A lot of the submitted soundpacks lack a config.json ! These packs will cause Mechvibes to either infinitely load, or not display any sounds at all. If this is the case, please delete the pack and restart Mechvibes.

Custom sound pack (Responses)
Form Responses 1 Timestamp,Email Address,Creator name,Name of this sound pack,Sound pack file (*.zip),About this sound pack,Can I add your custom sound to the Mechvibes app? 2/13/2020 22:02:54,[email protected],Hai,Man voice,<a href=“

🍕 Update Nov 15, 2020

🍕 Update Sept 14, 2020

I love this one, it's so funny and relaxing, thank you!

🍕 Update May 05, 2020

🍕 Update May 03, 2020

🍕 Update April 24, 2020

🍕 Update April 23, 2020

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Official packs

Handcrafted by Mechvibes creator, already included in Mechvibes app. Only download them if necessary.

Official custom packs

Custom packs that created by Mechvibes creator but not included in app

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